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last updated on 25 November 2000.
This site shows useful information for Internet Engineers collected by Kay Holger Stecher for general use.
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Name URL Language
Argos http://argos.evansville.edu English
Biography.com http://www.biography.com English
Chronik des 20. Jahrhunderts http://www.usm.de/main2.htm German
Geschichtsring Deutschland http://www.lynkeus.de German
History Channel http://www.historychannel.com English
LeMO - Lebendiges virtuelles Museum Online http://www.dhm.de/lemo/home.html German
Perseus Project http://www.perseus.tufts.edu English
Wharfe - The Past http://www.wharfe.demon.co.uk/past.htm English
Historical News
Nachrichtendienst für Historiker http://www.historiker.de German

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